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Patio Awnings

Relax in Comfort & Style With Patio Awnings From C & C Canvas

Patio AwningIn southern California, a sunny patio that feels pleasant at 8 am can become baking hot by noon. In order to get the most out of your patio spaces, you need to invest in shade coverings from C & C Canvas. We offer a broad range of patio awnings that can be customized suit the unique requirements of your patio and your project.

Commercial Patio Awnings

At C & C Canvas, we can create custom patio awnings that are large enough to cover the needs of commercial spaces. Whether you have an outdoor dining area at your restaurant, a smoker’s area at your office, a pool at your apartment complex, or an equipment storage area at your industrial site, we can help. Our patio awnings will offer ample coverage and protection from sun and rain.

Patio Awning

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Residential Patio Awnings

Patio AwningResidential patio awnings can enhance the value of your home by making your patio more attractive and more functional. Outdoor living spaces are getting more and more popular, and with the help of C & C Canvas you can craft one of your very own. Choose from standard or customized patio awnings to provide much-needed protection from the sun. Patio awnings can be set up over outdoor dining areas, sitting areas, pools, hot tubs, walkways, and more. Just tell us your vision for your patio awning, and we’ll help bring it to fruition. Contact us to learn more about our residential patio awnings.