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Industrial Curtains & Products

We Create Durable Industrial Curtains You Can Count On

Industrial CurtainsIndustrial curtains from C & C Canvas can provide protection and flexibility for all kinds of commercial spaces. You can rely on our curtains to use high-quality fabrics and sturdy structural supports that will prove safe and effective in most every industrial setting. Some of the benefits of industrial curtains include:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Ability to create enclosed or partitioned spaces
  • Design and usage flexibility
  • Ability to easily admit industrial equipment of all sizes
  • Cost savings versus a permanent wall

Customize Your Work Space with Industrial Curtains

Many of our clients use industrial curtains as an economical way to partition off different parts of their warehouses or industrial workshops to separate various activities. Our heavy-duty curtains keep dust, dirt, noise, and sunlight from invading the entire workspace. They are also easy to open, close, or reposition as needed to allow for changing workflows and activities. Just let us know the dimensions of your space, and we can create custom industrial curtains to fit the space and meet your needs.

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Enclose Your Patio with Industrial Curtains

Commercial Patio CurtainsIndustrial curtains are also quite useful for restaurants that have outdoor dining areas. You may already have protected your outdoor dining area from the sun and rain with an awning or canopy. Adding an industrial curtain will add wind and temperature protection to the mix to give you the ability to use your patio dining area in almost any kind of weather. The industrial curtains can easily be drawn back and tucked away when not in use.