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Custom Made Canvas Products – You Dream it, We Design it

February 25, 2015

C & C Canvas is your go-to source for all your specialty canvas product needs.

Custom Made Canvas Products – You Dream it, We Design itCanvas may not seem like a very exciting or sexy product, but the truth is that this highly versatile, functional material lends itself incredibly well to all sorts of custom-made products that can enhance your home or business. With so many colors and patterns available, you’d be surprised just how elegant this utilitarian fabric can look. Here are a few examples of dream projects that we have completed for our valued clients.

Creating a Dramatic Entrance

When it comes to drawing people to your business, creating an attractive entranceway is very important. We have helped countless clients create custom canvas awnings for their storefronts, restaurants, and other commercial properties. Because our awnings are custom made, we can offer the exact color, shape, and style that you need to complement your building. We can also create custom graphics to enable your business name, logo, or address to be screen printed onto the canvas for maximum visibility and appeal. We have even designed back-lit awnings for our clients to make sure that the awning draws the eye night and day.

Adding Appeal to an Industrial Building

One client came to us with a desire to dress up their concrete block of a building. We created a custom banner featuring their name and logo and mounted it across the entire front of the building. We also created custom canvas awnings and fence panels in a matching shade of vibrant yellow. With these custom made canvas products in place, a previously drab industrial facility was suddenly rendered exciting and appealing. Plus, employees were able to enjoy the benefit of shaded windows and a staircase awning for protection from the elements when entering and exiting the building.

Enhancing Pool Areas

We’ve enhanced many residential and commercial pool areas using custom canvas products like retractable awnings, decorative canopies, stylish cabanas, and adjustable shade panels in intriguing abstract shapes. We’ve even created custom canvas covers for outdoor seating and cushions, which enabled our clients to create a unified design theme in their outdoor living space.

Protecting Treasures

We frequently create custom canvas covers for treasured possessions like cars, boats, and grills that need protecting from the elements when not in use. But the most unique canvas cover we’ve ever created would have to be for a covered wagon. Whatever you want to cover, we can handle it.

Do you have a vision for the perfect canvas product? Whether you’re looking to beautify your home or business or protect people or property from the elements, C & C Canvas can make your canvas dream product a reality.