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Enhance Your Pool & Patio Space with Canvas

February 26, 2015

Get more use from your outdoor living areas with custom canvas products.

Enhance Your Pool & Patio Space with CanvasAre you enjoying your pool or patio space to the fullest? Or is something holding you back? Maybe the hot sun turns your patio into an oven every afternoon, or maybe you feel your space lacks privacy. Maybe you don’t have enough comfortable seating because you’ve been unable to find attractive outdoor fabrics for your chairs. In any case, C & C Canvas can help. We offer all kinds of beautiful, durable, fade-resistant and weather-resistant canvas products to enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Best of all, everything is completely customizable to meet your exact needs so you get the exact look and functionality you want. Our product offerings include:

Patio Awnings: While a little sun is very enjoyable, too much strong sun exposure can make your patio virtually uninhabitable. You can provide much-needed shade with canvas patio awnings. This will allow you to enjoy your space without burning yourself on superheated concrete and tile floors or hot wrought iron furniture. We can create permanent awnings as well as slide-on-wire awnings that can be extended or retracted for precise control of sun on your patio.

Cabanas: Want to create an intimate outdoor dining area or a private outdoor lounge space? A custom canvas cabana is the perfect solution. We can create any size and style of cabana you may want. You’ll have complete control over the design including the selection of any special trim for the awning edge and the color of the tiebacks for the curtains.

Pool Canopies: With a canvas pool canopy shading a portion of your pool, you can provide a relaxing respite from the sun. This is ideal for children or individuals who are sensitive to the sun, and will allow the pool to be enjoyed even during the hours of highest UV exposure.

Furniture Cushions: Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be dull or uncomfortable. Instead, dress up your chairs, benches, and chaise lounges with custom made furniture cushions from C &C Canvas. We have a wide range of lovely designer canvas fabrics to choose from in vibrant shades that will stay true to their color over time.

Sails: If you want a unique look on your patio, consider replacing your traditional patio awning or cabana with canvas sails instead. These unique triangular sections of canvas can be strung up anywhere around your pool or patio that you need shade. They create a sculptural look along with beautiful shifting patterns of shade.

We Help with Residential & Commercial Spaces

At C &C Canvas, we have ample experience in designing canvas products for both residential and commercial spaces. Our products are constructed with pain-staking attention to detail such that they look perfectly at home in even the finest homes and businesses. Please call (626) 442-4493 now for a free estimate on your pool or patio project.