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Improve Business Curb Appeal with a Custom Canvas Awning

February 26, 2015

C & C Canvas can help you design and maintain eye-catching canvas awnings for your business.

Improve Business Curb Appeal with a Custom Canvas AwningAdding a canvas awning to a commercial property can provide many benefits, particularly with respect to the way the public views your business. Be sure your business is putting its best face forward by trusting C & C Canvas with all your commercial awning needs.

How Do Awnings Improve Curb Appeal?

While some people adore ratty “hole in the wall” type businesses, if you want to draw in all customers you need to promote an air of cleanliness, respectability, and profitability. A quality commercial awning custom-made to fit your building and your business identity can work wonders towards this goal. Here’s how:

  • Identify the business: By screen-printing your business name, logo, and/or slogan right on the awning, you make it easy for potential customers and clients to spot your business and decide to come in.
  • Lend personality: Depending on the shapes and colors you choose for your commercial awning, you can create quite varied impressions from understated & elegant to bold & playful. In this way the awning can serve as an extension of your brand and help customers know what to expect from your company.
  • Create shade: Protection from the elements isn’t just a practical function of a commercial awning; it’s also an element of curb appeal in its own right. After all, what could be more inviting to a customer on a hot, blindingly sunny day than a cool, welcoming entryway?
  • Freshen old buildings: A perfectly tailored new awning with clean lines and unfaded colors can be a very easy way to give a tired old building a facelift. The new awning will help your business appear thriving and relevant rather than ailing and outdated.

What Types of Commercial Awnings Does C & C Canvas Make?

C & C Canvas has ample experience in creating all kinds of commercial awnings. Choose from standard designs or let us dream up a totally custom creation just for your business. In any case, you can rest assured that the very best quality materials will be used, including your choice of fade-resistant designer colors. Our repertoire includes:

  • Traditional awnings
  • Awnings with or without side panels
  • Concave awnings
  • Dome awnings
  • Spear awnings
  • Patio awnings
  • Back-lit awnings
  • Entrance canopies
  • Decorative, stylized awnings
  • And more!

What If My Commercial Awning Needs Repair?

If you currently have a canvas commercial awning that is starting to show its age, it’s C & C Canvas to the rescue. Simply give us a call at (626) 442-4493 and we’ll come inspect your awning and provide our honest and expert opinion as to what the repairs might cost and how much more service life you would get out of your awning afterwards. We can handle all kinds of canvas awning repairs with ease, including restitching seams, patching holes, and repairing supports.