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Industrial Curtains in Pasadena CA

Take control of your work space with industrial curtains in Pasadena CA.

Industrial Curtains in Pasadena Do you need to protect inventory, equipment, or personnel from the elements? Industrial curtains in Pasadena CA could be just what you’re looking for. Rely on C & C Canvas to provide the curtains you need to:

  • Quickly create indoor or outdoor enclosures of any size
  • Protect spaces from dust, dirt, noise, wind, and light
  • Easily admit large equipment
  • Inexpensively reconfigure your space to suit changing workflow or inventory
  • Leave spaces open for ventilation or cleaning

Why Build a Wall When You Can Have a Curtain?

Industrial curtains in Pasadena CA provide all the functionality of a wall without the high initial cost, lengthy construction time, or rigid design constraints. This makes them ideal for many different industrial scenarios where protection and flexibility are needed. For example, you could set up industrial curtains to separate the manufacturing and packaging sides of a warehouse, or use them as a privacy screen in an outdoor staging area.

C & C Canvas Knows Industrial Curtains in Pasadena CA

At C & C Canvas, we have over 60 years of experience in creating all kinds of custom canvas products, including industrial curtains in Pasadena CA. Based on this experience, we have learned exactly what works and what doesn’t in terms of structural design and fabric options. Our curtains are made from premium quality outdoor canvas and held up by well-engineered and carefully installed supports. With our expertise in canvas and your expertise in the unique needs of your business operations, together we can create the ideal industrial curtains in Pasadena CA for your company.

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