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Why Choose C & C Canvas for Canvas Repair

March 24, 2015

Learn about the many reasons to trust us with all your canvas repairs.

Why Choose C & C Canvas for Canvas RepairDo you have a rip or tear in your canvas awning? Maybe the seams on your canvas boat cover are getting dangerously worn, or maybe the ties on your canvas windscreen or industrial curtains have finally broken. In any case, you can rely on C & C Canvas for expert canvas repair for any product, whether or not you originally purchased it from us.

Here are some excellent reasons to trust us with any and all canvas products that need wok.

We Know Canvas

At C & C Canvas, we have been working in canvas since 1956. This means we have literally seen—and solved—just about every canvas product problem you can imagine. We can draw on this experience to help make sure you get the best possible value from your canvas repair. You can rely on our experts to tell you honestly if your product is damaged beyond repair, or if the repair would not be cost-effective.

We Have the Right Materials

You can’t just pick up any old sewing kit and expect to complete a quality canvas repair. Specific materials are needed, including trimmer’s shears to remove threads from frayed edges, a scrub brush to prep the area of the canvas that needs work, an industrial sewing machine to handle the thick canvas fabric without bunching or gaps, and UV-resistant thread to ensure a lasting repair in outdoor canvas products. At C & C Canvas, we have all the tools of the trade right at hand.

We Use the Right Techniques

Besides having the right tools to repair canvas, you also have to know the right techniques that are appropriate for different types of damage to different types of products. At C & C Canvas, we use the same tried and true techniques to repair canvas products as we do to construct them. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality work whether we are reinforcing seams, repairing ties and eyelets, sewing on patches, replacing damaged panels, etc.

We Value Every Client

One very important reason to choose C & C Canvas for your canvas repair is that we give all of our clients the same level of expert care and service, whether they have placed a huge order or just need a relatively small repair. We will make every effort to get your work done in the time frame you want and we will even help re-install the item if it is something like a commercial awning or residential canopy.

We Give Free Estimates

Are you ready to learn more about how C & C Canvas can help with your canvas product repair job? Please call us at (626) 442-4493 for a free initial estimate on the job.